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Hittite furniture, has managed to acquire one of the leading companies in Turkey with the production capacity of the wood processing industry and production areas with owned manufacturing plant. In the 25.000m² closed area of ​​the factory built on an area of ​​35.000m², production is carried out with the world's leading endowed state-of-the-art equipment.

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Hitit Furniture took its first step into the sector in 1955 with Mesut Akay's predictions, values ​​and unchangeable principles. And on this solid foundation established by Mesut Akay since that day; Aiming at the satisfaction of its customers and establishing sustainable relationships with its customers, it combined its experience with high quality standards, technological innovations, knowledge and aesthetic touches.

Among the works Hitit Furniture has successfully completed and proudly cited are; There are hospitals, residential areas, mass housing, schools, hotels, holiday villages, government buildings and numerous decoration projects.

Provided services to prestigious companies such as Enka, Koray, Rönesans, Besa, Özaltın İnşaat, Gama, Çeçen Holding, EMT, Zafer İnşaat, Ekur İnşaat, Öztaş İnşaat, MNG Holding, Yamata Investment, Sembol İnşaat, Aysel İnşaat, Dedeman İnşaat considering their satisfaction and He has been a solution partner in more than one project with many of them and has written his name to successful works. Hitit Furniture, in its history of more than half a century, without compromising its values ​​and principles, has carried out many projects not only professionally but also with the awareness of social responsibility. The contributions he made in the process of realization of Earthquake Houses and the projects he still continues within the scope of social responsibility will be enriched with new ones in the coming years.

Facilities where quality is produced ...

Hittite furniture, has managed to obtain the understanding among qualified production with production capacity and production area owned with leading companies in the wood processing industry in Turkey. In the 25.000m² closed area of ​​the factory built on an area of ​​35.000m², production is carried out with the latest technology devices supplied from the world's leading machinery manufacturers. Behind the quality standards and production speed of Hitit Furniture are these facilities equipped with a superior technology ...