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Hitit is an international fit out contractor that specialises in the delivery of high-end projects across the region. Hitit is one of the largest fit out contractors in the region with over 55 years’ experience within the industry, headquartered in Ankara, Turkey. Our core team has a great deal of knowledge from industry experience. A well-versed company combination of desires of high-quality craftsmanship with the requirements of modern management methods by which Hitit is able to perform his duties on time and on budget through adopting modern management techniques without compromising to match the clients’ high-quality expectations. ...

Hitit has a robust connection with the entire industry ranging from the clients, designers and consultants to the professionals to the suppliers that enable Hitit not only conducts his business effortlessly and attentively but also adds value into the project involved.. The factory is equipped with state-of-art machinery operated by highly skilled staff, which serves many international projects. Through the team in the factory, the factory, the dedicated design team for the projects, and the professionals taking the role in the projects, we are able to deliver high profile projects as desired.


We provide the best home experience to our guests by producing the best furniture for the most prestigious residences in the world.


We offer comfort and architectural beauty to our guests by producing the best furniture for the world's leading hotels.


We are building great offices for you to increase your prestige among your competitors that will add value to your business.